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  • Trash Services - Net Zero Goal - Frequently Asked Questions:
    • FAQ's regarding Trash and Recycling:

      What size trash cans will my home be provided?

      2 & 3 bedroom homes will receive one 65 gallon trash can and one 95 gallon recycle can.

      4 & 5 bedroom homes will receive one 95 gallon trash can and one 95 gallon recycle can.

      Parkway, Clarkdale and Town Center homes with centralized trash & recycling.

      I would like an additional trash can, will I be charged?

      As you know, a portion of your BAH includes an average utility component.  The only charge you may incur is if you choose to pay for an additional can. JBLM and Lewis-McChord Communities is really striving for everyone to recycle as much as possible to achieve Net Zero waste.

      What day will trash be picked up in my Neighborhood

      Curbside Garbage Service:

      Monday:              New Hillside, Madigan, Evergreen

      Tuesday:              Davis Hill, Broadmoor, Greenwood

      Wednesday:        McChord

      Thursday:            Beachwood, Beachwood II, Meriwether Landing, Eagleview

      Friday:                  Discovery, Clarkdale, Old Hillside, Town Center (town homes)

      Centralized Trash Containers Service:

      Tuesday:              Parkway & Town Center

      Friday:                  Parkway & Clarkdale

      Recycling is picked up every other week on the same day as the garbage is picked up.

      Yard waste is picked up every other week on Wednesday opposite the week recycling is picked up.

       Holidays:  LeMay operates as normal on every holiday except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. On these weeks LeMay advances the schedule one day and picks up on Saturday of that week.

      Can I place an extra bag outside of my trash can on the day of pick up?  Will LeMay pick it up?

      No, you should not place extra bags of garbage outside of your trash container.  Should you choose to place items outside of the designated containers on the day of pick up Lemay will pick up the garbage left at the curb, however, you will be charged directly by LeMay.  

      Additional Services Available from LeMay or LMC:

       What do I do if I want to rent additional cans and how much are they?

      Additional cans can be rented directly from Lemay. 

      Call LeMay’s customer service team at 253-537-8687 or email them at

      Containers are delivered within 5 business days.

      The below charges are monthly costs:                                                                           

                      65 gallon can = $20.37 + 3.6% refuse tax $0.73Total Cost = $21.10

                      95 gallon can = $26.39 + 3.6% refuse tax $.95 Total Cost = $27.34

                      Recycle Can = Recycling can $6.01

                      Yard Waste Can = $5.53

                      All Prices are subject to change.

      What do we do if we have the need for bulk trash pickup?


      All residents will receive bulk trash pickup once per calendar year (January to December) and again at move out at no cost.  This can be coordinated easily by contacting your LMC Call Center at (253) 912-2150.  A notice of 2 business days is required and trash cannot be placed out on the curb until the day of the pick-up.

      Scheduled bulk pickups take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

      Are there items that LeMay will not pick up for bulk pickup?

      LeMay does not take items that can be taken to the recycle center for example, TV’s, or any other type of larger recyclable items.  Hazardous waste products are not accepted and larger furniture items that must be broken down will not be picked up if you have not taken those extra steps to break them down (couches, chairs and mattresses do not need to be broken down).  Lastly, LeMay will not accept appliances.  However, if you have appliances that need to be disposed of, you can contact the LMC Call Center and we will provide you with the options available to you.


       What if I want to pay for an out of cycle container or bulk trash pick-ups?

      This service is available to you.  Just call the LeMay customer service number to schedule a pick up.  LeMay will bill you directly.

                      LeMay Charges for special out of cycle pick-ups.                                                       

                                      65 gallon refuse container:         $15.82

                                      95 gallon refuse container:         $19.72

                                      95 gallon recycle container:        $11.92

                                      Twin mattress or box spring:      $6.72

                                      Full mattress or box spring:        $10.08

                                      Queen mattress or box spring:   $13.44

                                      King mattress or box spring:        $16.80

                                      Sofa:                                                 $20.16

                                      Loveseat:                                         $10.08

                                      Chair:                                                $6.72

                                      Recliner:                                          $13.44 

      These are typical items other items can be quoted over the phone as needed. These rates are subject to change.

      What are my options related to yard waste if I choose to maintain my own yard or have a fenced in back yard?

      All residents are encouraged to mulch their yards as part of our Net Zero program and waste reduction.  However, if you do wish to dispose of your yard clippings you can contact the LeMay customer service number to be set up for yard waste service.

      Is there a cost to the yard waste program?

       No, this service is an enhanced service and is available at no cost to our customers that have a fenced in back yard and those that choose to maintain their own yards.   


      Other Options:

       What are my options if LeMay won’t pick up my trash?

      A couple of local options are listed below.

      The landfill in Pierce County:      

      Pierce County Recycling, Composting, and Disposal Land Recovery Inc.

      17925 Meridian St E
      Puyallup, WA 98375


      Hours of Operation:        8:00am – 5:45pm Daily

      Closed on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and New Years Day

      Full Recycling Center, Yard Waste Disposal, and Solid Waste Disposal


      The landfill in Tacoma:

                      Tacoma City Landfill

                      3510 S. Mullen

                      Tacoma, WA 98407



                      Hours of Operation:        8:00am –6pm Daily

      Closed on Fourth of July, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and New Year’s Day

      Full Recycling Center, Yard Waste Disposal, and Solid Waste Disposal


      We continue to explore other options for our residents and as they come available we will be letting residents know on Facebook.


      What about recycling?

      What about Glass recycling?  Is that going away for the residents of McChord?

      Curbside glass recycling service will no longer be offered to any residents.

      What other options do I have if I want to continue to recycle glass?

      Glass recycling is available at the recycle centers on base located on Lewis Main right behind the Commissary or at McChord Field Recycle Center located on South Gate Road.


      Is there a resource for Food Waste disposal?

      No, food waste curbside recycling is not offered as part of this program. This material can be thrown into the garbage container. 


      Can I put hazardous waste in my trash can?

      No, those items should be taken directly to the JBLM Hazardous Waste Center for your safety and the protection of the environment.  Illegal dumping of hazardous waste can result in significant fines.

      Please dispose of waste responsibly.


      JBLM, Building 1210, Hazardous Waste Management
      Monday - Thursday 1300 - 1600 / Friday 1300 - 1530



      Are there any penalties?

      What will happen if I just leave trash on the curb when it isn’t a trash day?

      All trash must be in a container or marked for bulk pick up on the scheduled day for pick up.  Any other time a resident does not utilize the options available to them for trash removal; this will be considered a lease violation.  A $25 fine will be charged as well as the charges listed in the out of cycle pick up section located on page 2 under the additional services section and LMC will remove the trash.  Continual violations will result in lease termination.


      I heard there is a charge if something is put in to a recycle or yard waste can that shouldn’t be.  Is that true?

      This is true, contaminated recycling and yard waste cans are a violation of your lease agreement.  The contents will be considered trash and you may be charged for an additional trash can pick up.   Please follow all of the guidelines provided to you by LeMay for acceptable items in your cans to avoid these charges.


      What if I have a problem?

      What do I do if my trash can comes up missing or is broken?

      As part of this transition, LeMay will be marking all trash cans with a serial number that will be assigned to each home.  If you have a problem and your trash can is missing or is broken, you can contact LeMay directly for assistance.


      What is the LeMay customer service Number?

      The LeMay customer service team can be reached at 253-537-8687 or email them at


      Who do I contact if LeMay is unable to answer my questions?

      You can also contact the LMC Call Center and they can assist you or direct you to your neighborhood office if necessary.  They can be reached at (253) 912-2150.









  • Who is LMC Lewis-McChord Communities?
    • Lewis-McChord Family Housing is participating in the Residential Communities Initiative Program being conducted by the Departments of the Army and Air Force. The Army and Air Force have chosen a management and development partner from the private sector, Equity Residential Management, L.L.C., to manage the existing Lewis-McChord family housing, to build new housing, renovate existing housing, and demolish and rebuild existing housing in other areas.
  • What is the vision for Lewis-McChord Communities?
    • The vision is to transform the existing military housing areas into planned and integrated residential communities that foster a high quality of life, while preserving the existing military culture of Lewis-McChord.
  • Who is RCI?
    • RCI is the essential element in solving the Army's family housing problems, i.e., conditions and deficits, and we are committed and on track to making our Army installations safe, attractive, and modern places for our Soldiers and their families to live. The RCI program is comprised of 44 installations (combined into 34 projects); over 85,000 homes - 98% of Army's family housing inventory in the U.S.  For more information about RCI visit
  • What ranks will I live near?
    • Here at JBLM, housing is separated by rank bands. You will be offered the opportunity to apply for housing areas which have housing for your pay bands. The enlisted pay bands are: E1-E4, E4-E6, E7-E8 and E9. The officer pay bands are: W1-O3, W4-O5, O6 & O7 and above.
  • Do I qualify for housing on JBLM?
    • The general eligibility requirements for Lewis-McChord Family Housing are defined as an eligible Sponsor and his/her legal dependents who are assigned to JBLM. All dependents must qualify as such under the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and reside with the Sponsor on a full-time basis (this is defined as having physical custody for more than 6 consecutive months).
  • Is housing available?
    • Please check the wait times by clicking on the Current Wait Times link on the Homepage.